• Hopefully, an interview with an expert about a controversial topic(s). I reached out to Sara Barratt, and she was not able to do an interview, but I have a few other people in mind.
  • More articles on evangelism, controversial topics, and the things you want to know about. 
  • I am considering writing an ebook to be released later this year… but I won’t tell you too much about that right now ;). 
  • More stories from my experiences in public school (especially on my email list). 

3 responses to “01.17.23”

  1. I know you said you can’t say too much about you writing an ebook but… tell me more

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  2. An ebook?? I second Yasmine—TELL US MORE! That’s so exciting!
    (And wow, thank you for the shoutout! I’m very glad you enjoyed the article.)

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  3. Hehe… I’ll PM you, Emma, and text you, Yasmine!

    (Of course! It was a great post :))

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