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Hey guys!

Today I want to update you on how school is going. Since a part of showing Jesus’ light at school is having conversations about Him, I’ll cover that first. Then, I’ll update you on my goals and the struggles I’ve been facing. 

I would love it if, after reading the article, you told me how school has been for you in the comments below!


These are some of the people I’ve talked about Jesus or religion with. Please pray that my conversations with these people would be fruitful!

  • A girl who I don’t think is religious. She says her dad is studying different religions, but, from what I can tell, she isn’t interested in any of them. She is the one person I have talked to who has brought up religion multiple times without me asking about it.
  • A girl who used to be Christian, but isn’t anymore. She still goes to church with her parents and plays in her church orchestra, but she doesn’t believe in Jesus. I’m not sure that the Christians she’s been around have represented Jesus to her very well. She seems to have a lot of strong (mostly negative) opinions about Christianity, but I’m glad she goes to church and hears the gospel every Sunday.
  • A boy who is agnostic. I invited him to the Christian club at my school (they have donuts—and who wouldn’t want donuts? 😛), but didn’t get a chance to follow up with him, so he hasn’t come yet. He has a couple of close friends who I know are strong Christians, and I’m praying that they have a strong influence on him. He’s the kind of person who you meet and think would be a great Christian because he’s so friendly.
  • A girl who claims to be Christian, but doesn’t seem to know Jesus. Her family doesn’t go to church because her parents have to work on Sundays, and I think she’s fine with it. I don’t see a desire in her to get to know Jesus better. I’m might invite her to youth group because you get to learn about God but it’s also really fun.


I’ve had my fair share of struggles at school with being a light, working hard on my assignments, and boldly mentioning Jesus in conversations. 

  • I have trouble doing more than mentioning Jesus in conversation. There have been many times when I’ve asked someone what their religion is or we’ve talked about our faiths together, but it’s hard for me to bring the conversation past that. I want to actually share the gospel or invite someone to church.
  • I want to pray more at school. The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing, but I’ve really only been praying during my Bible time and before I go to bed at night. Since I know prayer makes a big difference, I want to remember to pray throughout the day.
  • I have become too self-focused. Especially when I’m tired at school, I feel like I talk too much about myself and not enough about others. I want my conversations not to be about myself, but to make others feel good about themselves. There have also been a couple of times when someone does something nice and I think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” I want to do more more kind things because actions matter just as much as (maybe more than) words.


My goals for school strongly relate to my struggles. 

  • I want to share the gospel. Not just have a conversation about faith, but actually share the hope I have in Jesus and tell someone about what it means for them.
  • I want to pray more at school and become less self-focused, as I mentioned above.
  • I want to make a plan for sharing the gospel with someone from school. I find that when I make a plan to share Jesus, I am more likely to follow through than if I just think “I want to share the light of Jesus today” and don’t think about specifics.

Will you please pray for me?

Tell me how school is going for you in the comments below or email me at! I’d love to hear from you =D. Do you have any prayer requests?

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7 responses to “Life & School Update”

  1. Hi Isabella!
    I’m a fellow public schooled student in highschool and I started following your blog since the beginning of the school year. It’s been incredibly encouraging. It’s hard to find other teens who are also passionate about sharing the gospel and are actually trying to do it. Just reading through your list of struggles and conversations with other students, my jaw dropped since I had been praying about almost identical struggles and similar conversations just last night!! Isn’t it so cool what God does without our knowledge/awareness?
    I’m also having a hard time actually bringing conversations past Jesus to the gospel! I’ve had several difficult yet amazing conversations with kids in the last few weeks- sometimes they’re difficult because of the content, sometimes they’re difficult because of the person. Every time I’ve left the classroom or lunch table thinking how I could have handled it differently or done better. I’ve had to learn to see my school as a sort of on the job training- I’m here to learn how to share the gospel, how to love people of all sorts, and to put that new knowledge into practice. Each encounter teaches me something. The Holy Spirit keeps reminding me of Psalm 32:8.
    Making a plan sounds like a great idea! I also have a hard time following up with kids. Any tips that you or anyone else has would be very helpful.
    Another struggle, like you mentioned, is trying to encourage kids who claim to be Christian to go deeper into their faith. I don’t know what questions to ask that will actually get a response longer than the word “yes” or “no”. It’s interesting how some kids can answer almost every question with just a few words.
    I’ve also been trying to pray more than just once or twice a day! And to read my Bible daily. One of my strategies to remind me to pray is to write lists of people or things I’m praying for, memory verses, etc, in the margins of my notebook when I’m bored in class. I just found out that we are going to be turning in our notebooks on Friday for a “notebook check” assessment in English class. My teacher is going to be surprised to see her name and the names of practically all of her students written in fancy script in my notebook!
    The self-focused/inwardly focused thing has been driving me nuts! I can see the battle between my flesh and the spirit playing out in this area of my life. Especially since our culture encourages that we look inward, but as Christians we’re called to look outward. You’ve got the perfect recipe for spiritual war right there. The worst thing about this is that I’m blind to it. Like I don’t typically realize that I’m focusing too much on myself until I’m deep into it. Then I also have to out figure something else to think about.

    Anyways, this comment is wayyy longer than it should be. Long story short, thank you for writing such great, thoughtful, encouraging posts. I’ll be praying for you and the rest of us Gen Z teens who want to share our faith. Thank the Lord we aren’t alone, even though it can seem that way sometimes. He has promised never to leave us. I don’t know about you, but I can see hints of God working, especially in the darkest places like an American public high school. Our generation isn’t going to become Christian at the snap of a finger- it’s going to take years of faithfulness (a lesson my mom recently taught me- faithful doesn’t mean perfect, it means that you keep trying even when you mess up). This starts with us. A privilege and a challenge!

    Love from a sister in Christ

    Ps-you plus Jesus equals majority. Quote from the radio series adventures in odyssey

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    1. Your comment makes me smile so much 😊. It’s so cool that our situations are so similar! I love that you think of what you could have done better after each conversation—I need to do that more often. I also like the idea of writing people’s names in the margins of your notebooks! I think I’m going to try that. A question I learned to ask recently is “Do you have a faith?” and then ask them to tell you about it. If the Holy Spirit is working in someone, though, there might be change in them regardless of what answer they give to a question you ask. I also think a great way to follow up with someone after you’ve had a conversation about your faith is to invite them to a church-related event!

      Thanks for commenting! Praying for you! 💛


    2. As someone who used to be one of those people who can answer almost every question with just a few words, I suggest you just hang out with them for a while. Maybe just sit next to them, smile at them, act kind. Or ask them about something interesting. They usually have that one topic where they are extremely talkative about. Once they enjoy your company, they would get more comfortable with talking to you.

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  2. Wow Lisa. That’s amazing hat your doing-and I LOVE adventures in odessey!

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  3. I really like your updates. Each of your sections is really interesting. This is a personal preference, but I like when the posts are more centered around public school. I will be praying for you. I hope you overcome your struggles and reach your goals. I really relate with being self-centered and not praying enough.

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    1. Thank you! Praying for you too!


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