The Public-Schooled Christian

If you’re reading this, chances are, you go to public school.

You also love Jesus.

You’re trying to serve Christ. But other serious Christians at school may seem like the people sitting in the chairs in the picture nearby–nonexistent.

Jesus commanded us to share the Gospel and glorify Him in everything we do. However, that’s hard when we feel alone in our pursuit.

There’s good news.

This website is meant to encourage you and give you practical tips to follow Jesus in public school. You will find encouragement, stories, and advice about living for Jesus in school here.

I won’t try to pretend, though–I’m still learning along with you! Though I have learned a lot in my walk with Jesus through school, there are new situations that arise every day. Following Jesus is a daily pursuit and a learning process.

Will you walk the journey with me?

Will you live for Jesus even when those around you aren’t?

Let’s do it together!


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